My Name is Melissa (Griffin) Meyer. I completed my undergraduate career at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Legal Studies, Political Science, Sociology and Criminal Justice. My dream at the time was to become a Criminal Prosecutor and later work in politics. Upon graduation I started my career in State Government working for the Wisconsin State Legislator. I got to be in the front lines of working on Health Care Legislation and several state government projects. I worked on several local, state and national elections and became burnt out. I realized my passion for improved health was going no where fast. I couldn’t help people achieve health through legislation and political dances. I decided to get my hands dirty and do what I did best. Work with people instead of politicians.

I have been a health and fitness professional since 2008. I had the pleasure of starting my fitness career in beautiful Madison, WI. Not only did have the benefit of training in an active community, but I was able to train such a diverse population. NCAA Division 1 athletes, Iron Men/Women, cancer survivors, and military. I was also able to train along side and learn from some of the best trainers in the business.

In 2010 I took a position with a supplement company in which I discovered that I had a passion for writing. I have been blessed with a very diverse background. From working with doctors, writing educational materials, working in the hospital setting and also running my own personal training business.

My goal is to inspire and motivate the masses. I strive to empower people to take the reins of their lives; channel their desire to be healthy and take action!

You have one body, one life, make it count. Do NOT be a prisoner in your own skin. Live Healthy, Love Fitness, and Change Your Life!

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