The Truth Behind Fitness

You, yes you! The woman who wants to lose weight! The woman who wants to be fit! Because we all know that men tend not to troll blogs and Pinterest for fitness inspiration. This is a public service announcement, stop looking at what everyone else is doing!

Did you learn nothing from grade school?! Keep your eyes on your own work, your own goals! That person’s Pinterest board isn’t going to go run that marathon for you…shopping for bikinis is not going to make you look good in one! Stop wishing you looked like X,Y, or Z and start working towards U! Your ideal body, your goals, your health!

Stop buying every fitness DVD program hoping each one will be the miracle and let it sit collecting dust while you collect fat! Stop focusing on the results someone else got…and becoming depressed…they are doing the work and you are just spectating. If you want to be good at the game of fitness get off your damn bench! Stop begin so concerned with the end that you never start the race, stop asking everyone else what they did to get healthy and start moving!

Stop saying “ill start working out and eating better tomorrow!” Carpe Diem!!! There is no time like now! Those people, those athletic fit beautiful women…they are out there doing, and you are glued to the computer! You are researching and pining and drooling and wishing and hoping. “Someday…someday I will look like that.” Envy doesn’t get you washboard abs, and don’t set out to have what others have if you are unwilling to put in the blood, sweat, and tears! Fitness takes pain, toughness, a good pain killer somedays, it takes determination, passion, and resilience! The weak never start in fear of failure, the strong fear nothing but regret. They realize failure is part of growth, it creates strength. You will never come out of this world alive, do you want to leave with battle wounds, scars and bruises proving you fought to be as strong as possible? Or do you want to exit soft, fragile, and weak. Spending your days in a bubble, never knowing your capabilities never striving for strength only hanging onto others successes. So do yourself a favor, stop looking to others for inspiration, no one is responsible for that but you. Be your own inspiration, if you want to have the level of fitness and health others have you better be damn willing to put in the same work.

Nothing is impossible and nothing comes with out battle wounds, but in the end you will not only inspire yourself you may be what others inspire to be!

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  1. R.Osuna says:

    well said!


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